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Must have Android & iOS apps for new smartphones & tablets
New innovation case on THINK!: Tawkon
Tawkon's health tracker application empowers you to live a lifestyle focused on health and fitness.
tawkon: Samsung S4 wins radiation battle
Found by Tawkon in a document from the Taiwanese National Communications Commission
Apple and the Desire for Control
“No interest,” Steve Jobs, Apple chief executive, e-mailed Tawkon, according to the company.
Catching up with tawkon
6 months on from launch
Dublin Web Summit 100-Strong Startup Competition
tawkon one of 100 prestigious start ups that presented
Startups move forward after summit
250 plus startups at the Dublin Web Summit will be leaving with a lot to think about.
Interview: Gil Friedlander from Tawkon
Talks about the radiation-tracking app for mobiles
Sheryl Crow Attributes Brain Tumor to Cell Phone Use
Sheryl Crow says that her benign brain tumor may have been caused by cell phone use
Parents to keep an eye on their kids’ cellphone radiation exposure
Using the tawkon application for Android.
An App for Parents Concerned About Cellphone Radiation
What is SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)? Should you care about it?
Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure With This App
Is talking on the cell phone frying our brains? Is it causing Alzheimer’s or cancer?
There’s an APP for that
Better to err on the side of caution
tawkon Nexus S Limited Edition
Tawkon is a curious application for Android that lets you know when your phone radiation level increases.
FCC Should Reassess Its Advice on Cell Phone Radio-Frequency Limits
An investigation by the Government Accountability Office
iPhone 4S Will Fry Your Brain 3 Times Faster Than The Galaxy S3
There was a huge concern over the amount of radiation our cellphones were emitting
Review: Tawkon – Reducing Signal Radiation
tawkon, has created an application called “Tawkon”
tawkon Saves Cell Phone Users from 10 Million Minutes of High Exposure
Allowing mobile users to avoid cell phone radiation once it peaks
Interview With Ori Goshen, Cofounder and VP of R&D at Tawkon
The recent release of the fresh living project
Fred Wilson: tawkon
...And then there's the issue of the radiation that mobile phones produce.
4 Radiation Hazards in Your Home
20 percent comes from man-made radiation sources
Cell phone radiation: A self-defense guide (FAQ)
Smartphone app that monitors cell phone radiation exposure...

Tawkon Is An Android App That Measures Your Phone's Radiation Level
Monitors your android phone's radiation level,...
Eight ways to reduce the health risks from mobile phones radiation
If you have an Android or Blackberry phone, there’s an app called Tawkon
The trouble with the cell phone radiation standard
65-year-old New Jersey resident, is concerned about what his cell phone could do to his body...
Remedies for Cellphone-Cancer Concerns
it’s worth reviewing ways to limit your exposure without resorting to a lead fedora.
The Most Controversial iPhone Apps
Talk on. Get it? Fueled by the on-going debate around the cell phone radiation levels,...
Maybe Steve Jobs should reconsider the iPhone radiation app after all
it might be time for Steve Jobs to reconsider his interest in tawkon...
Researcher's strong signal on cell phone risk (Q&A)
"The issue of a possible link between cell phones and brain cancer has surfaced every few months..."
Steve jobs To Tawkon: "No Interest" in Your Phone Radiation Measurement App
Steve Jobs has made it abundantly clear that...
RCR Unplugged with tawkon
Mobile World Congress Feb 2011 (Barcelona)
Cut Phone Radiation
For frequent cellphone users, there are a number of products designed to cut exposure to cellphone radiation
How Apple's Moral Compass Works
Tawkon app analyzes the radiation given off by the iPhone during calls and notifies users when radiation levels spike to the high end of the spectrum.
Firm develops mobile phone app to warn of excessive radiation
Monitors a mobile phone's radiation levels and alerts the user if the levels become excessive.
Cellphone "Death Grip" Increases Radiation Increases Radiation Exposure, One App Shows
tawkon...measuring the impact a "death grip" can have on a mobile device's radiation.
Cell Phone Radiation Debate Persists
Tawkon, an app that monitors cellphone radiation
Tawkon App Measures Phone Radiation
The debate over whether mobile phones emit cancer-causing radiation may rage on unabated, but...
Android Radiation Detection App
If you were ever curious about the amount of radiation emitted from your cell phone now there is a way to find out.
Worried About Cell Phone Radiation? There's an App for That.
tawkon employs an algorithm to take data from smart phones...
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