How It Works

Cell phones provide communication from any location via a network of base stations (known as cell towers or antennas).
Information is transmitted from the cell phone to the base station and vice versa via powerful, high-frequency electromagnetic fields. The level of radiation exposure is greatest when close to its source (the cell phone's antenna) and decreases sharply when further from the phone.


Your phone is equipped with internal measurements that offer insight into its radiation output. The phone manufactures don’t offer this info up front, so we tap into it for you, collecting and extracting  data from your phone, such as: network type, band-GSM, UMTS, CDMA, channel, signal strength, phone model, and more. 


Utilizing patent pending technology tawkon calculates the phone’s radiation level and hence the user exposure – SAR (Specific Absorption Rate, a universal measure for the amount of radiation being absorbed by the user). Our technology is calibrated in an FCC certified RF (Radio Frequency) lab with state-of-the-art equipment.


With this information, we provide alerts and suggestions to keep your radiation exposure low.  


tawkon technology has been tested by Satimo, a leading FCC-certified RF lab in the United States.

In order to validate our tool, Tawkon contracted with Satimo  (a fully accredited test lab - see certificate below) to provide SAR measurement services on various phones according to the IEEE standard required by the FCC for any phone made available on the commercial market. The testing process used an extremely precise sensor and a “SAM Phantom” (designed to simulate the human body) to assess the amount of radiation absorbed into the body.

The results of our recent testing (Jan 2012) clearly confirmed Tawkon’s effectiveness as an accurate tool to predict SAR levels and recommend changes to reduce users risk.

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