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Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner
Sep 10, 2013

iPhone SAR Revisited

With the iPhone 5S and 5C rumored to be released in the near future, we decided to go back in time and look at the evolution of the iPhone. From its inception, the iPhone was a "game changer". After the iPhone, phones were no longer just phones... they were smartphones.
Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner
Aug 22, 2013

HTC One Mini Radiation (SAR) Revealed

tawkon took the time to dig through the FCC filings and found the SAR ("Specific Absorbtion Rate" - the standard radiation measure for all mobile phones) value for the new HTC One Mini. This information has not been reported anywhere else.
Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner
Aug 20, 2013

5 Tips to Getting Better Reception

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days. Most people no longer have home phones and use their mobile phones exclusively. Due to our reliance on these types of phones, for both work and personal use, when we encounter poor reception it can significantly affect our lives.
May 22, 2012

Counting sheep, tracking sleep... for Android.

Like tracking your food intake, and cell phone radiation exposure, the Sleep as Android app monitors your sleep so you can "wake up gently with nature sounds in optimal sleep phase."
May 17, 2012

Feed your head: Consume better nutrition facts with Fooducate.

There have always been consequences to what we consume. It's just that now that we're paying more attention to what we take in.
May 15, 2012

Indoor tanning: 32% of young white women risk it.

Heard the one about the bronzed New Jersey mom who was accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth?
May 10, 2012

Interview with CEO Gil on what makes tawkon tick.

While CEO and Founder Gil Friedlander was in London he discussed the app, the team, developing a start up, and where tawkon is going.
May 8, 2012

Moving to the head of the 'smartphone class.'

It's not a generational thing, and it's not necessarily bound by income or ethnicity. Smartphone users have become a class of their own.
May 3, 2012

London Calling: The UK discusses mobile radiation.

The United Kingdom is asking about mobile phone safety on the heals of the Childhood Cancer 2012 conference in London last week.
Apr 30, 2012

tawkon's TNW2012 roundup: the talk, the feedback, the app.

Our team is back and even more energized after our trip to TNW2012 in Amsterdam last week!
Apr 26, 2012

Say hello to the app with healthy phone habits.

Today, live from TNW2012 in Amsterdam...!
Apr 25, 2012

Let's meet up at TNW2012 this week!

We are just about 24 hours away from The Next Web's 2012 conference kick-off, tomorrow night in Amsterdam. And we're not just attending to meet up with friends from around the world...
Apr 18, 2012

tawkon takes on Amsterdam next week.

We've got a week until we present some pretty amazing news at the TNW Conference next Thursday. And we've got even less before we land in Amsterdam, where it's all taking place.
Apr 22, 2012

We're hugging the Earth today.

Hello, fellow Earthlings. What part of our planet are you hugging it out with today?
Apr 12, 2012

The sure cure? Prevention.

Washington Times columnist and cell phone radiation researcher Dariusz Leszczynski (whom we interviewed) is back,
Apr 10, 2012

tawkon to join TNW in Amsterdam as a 2012 finalist.

tawkon has been chosen as a finalist for The Next Web's BizSpark Startup Rally,
Apr 4, 2012

An app a day keeps the doctor away...

Hopefully you like your doctor, but not enough to warrant extra visits. According to new data, health apps are helping to reduce numbers of doctor visits.
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