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Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner
Sep 10, 2013

iPhone SAR Revisited

With the iPhone 5S and 5C rumored to be released in the near future, we decided to go back in time and look at the evolution of the iPhone. From its inception, the iPhone was a "game changer". After the iPhone, phones were no longer just phones... they were smartphones.
Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner
Aug 22, 2013

HTC One Mini Radiation (SAR) Revealed

tawkon took the time to dig through the FCC filings and found the SAR ("Specific Absorbtion Rate" - the standard radiation measure for all mobile phones) value for the new HTC One Mini. This information has not been reported anywhere else.
Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner
Aug 20, 2013

5 Tips to Getting Better Reception

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days. Most people no longer have home phones and use their mobile phones exclusively. Due to our reliance on these types of phones, for both work and personal use, when we encounter poor reception it can significantly affect our lives.
Jul 11, 2012

Learn your own cell phone habits with weekly reports.

Do you know that you can get your own personal tawkon usage report every week?
Jul 5, 2012

tawkon is a finalist at the International Startup Festival in Montréal.

tawkon is a finalist at the International Startup Festival next week in Montréal, Canada.
Jul 5, 2012

Motorola Droid Razr wins for most cell phone radiation in South Korea.

South Korea reports that a popular Motorola Droid Razr model emits the most radiation than any other common smartphone since 2009.
Jul 3, 2012

Hear the one about cell phone radiation and sperm count?

It turns out, when we say hold the phone away from your head, we don't mean put it down into your pants pocket or belt clip.
Jun 29, 2012

How do people *really* use their cell phones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new infographic with findings that remind us how people are really using their cell phones when it comes to... talking.
Jun 25, 2012

Goodnet: being good never looked so... inspiring!

Ready to activate your inner goodness? You don't need to be a saint to get started. Maybe all you need is a little inspiration.
Jun 18, 2012

IARC newly classifies diesel engine exhaust as carcinogenic to humans.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified diesel engine exhaust as carcinogenic to humans.
Jun 17, 2012

Cell phone radiation may be examined by the FCC.

Perhaps soon we can expect the FCC to chime in on cell phone radiation dangers.
Jun 13, 2012

Happy Father's Day: tawkon's top 10 ways we dads protect our kids

Happy Father's Day! Here's our list celebrating the top 10 ways we fathers rock at protecting our kids.
Jun 10, 2012

Children with brain cancer to be researched for cell phone radiation effects

A new study is being funded in New Zealand to uncover whether children who use cell phones regularly are at more risk for brain cancer.
Jun 7, 2012

Four accessories for reducing cell phone radiation.

Once you receive that high radiation alert, and the corresponding tip for reducing it, what kind of solution do you use? We're talking accessories.
Jun 6, 2012

Can NASA's anti-radiation space drink help your skin look younger?

A fruit drink developed by NASA may be the first sip available from the fountain of youth.
May 31, 2012

Ready, Japan? A smartphone that detects nuclear radiation.

Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, many Japanese have invested in personal Geiger counters to measure local radiation.
May 29, 2012

Do you keep your cell phone in your bra?

Are women with this hiding-habit considering long term effects?
May 24, 2012

Ready for your cell phone to see through you?

If an engineering professor gets his way, then we can stop worrying about a robot or zombie takeover and start considering the implications of our cell phones' true power.
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