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Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner
Sep 10, 2013

iPhone SAR Revisited

With the iPhone 5S and 5C rumored to be released in the near future, we decided to go back in time and look at the evolution of the iPhone. From its inception, the iPhone was a "game changer". After the iPhone, phones were no longer just phones... they were smartphones.
Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner
Aug 22, 2013

HTC One Mini Radiation (SAR) Revealed

tawkon took the time to dig through the FCC filings and found the SAR ("Specific Absorbtion Rate" - the standard radiation measure for all mobile phones) value for the new HTC One Mini. This information has not been reported anywhere else.
Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner
Aug 20, 2013

5 Tips to Getting Better Reception

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days. Most people no longer have home phones and use their mobile phones exclusively. Due to our reliance on these types of phones, for both work and personal use, when we encounter poor reception it can significantly affect our lives.
Oct 9, 2012

Now Supports Galaxy S3!

You guys have been asking for it, and here it is. We are proud to announce that, as of today, tawkon now fully supports the Samsung Galaxy S3!
Oct 7, 2012

iPhone 5 SAR

The iPhone 5 was unveiled recently at the Apple Keynote speech, given by Tim Cook to mixed reviews.
Sep 27, 2012

GigaOm Mobilize: Health and Wellness Take Center Stage

Last weekend we had the honor of attending the annual “GigaOm Mobilize” conference in beautiful San Francisco.
Sep 19, 2012

The Fresh Living Project

We decided to take the initiative and give mobile users the ability to find apps for wellness in every part of their lives, all in one place.
Sep 13, 2012

Sheryl Crow's Brain Tumor: Caused By Cellphone Usage?

Sheryl Crow is no stranger to battling health issues - However, recently a benign brain tumor was discovered
Sep 5, 2012

Cellphone Radiation Insights [Infographic]

Using the data collected, tawkon conducted a study on the countries with the highest and lowest percentage of exposure time to radiation.
Sep 2, 2012

StartupOnomics - A Conference To Remember

Last weekend saw the annual Startuponomics in San Francisco. The goal of the conference was to give startups the understanding of decisions by using behavioral economic techniques.
Aug 23, 2012

Kids, Cell Phones and You

As the debate over cell phones and cancer continues to rage, concern is growing over the effects of the phones on children.
Aug 14, 2012

San Francisco battles on for cell phone radiation warnings

Last week was busy for cell phone radiation regulations, as the battle for the informed consumer heats up.
Aug 13, 2012

Infographic: Your smartphone's SAR score?

Our latest infographic shows your smartphone's SAR level compared to some of the most popular cell phones on the market. Samsung Galaxy S3 users, it's your cue to gloat.
Aug 8, 2012

Media frenzy… the good kind.

We’re delighted to be listed in the UK Wired magazine’s list of Europe’s 100 Hottest Startup 2012!
Aug 2, 2012

For toddlers to teens, pediatricians agree: It's time for a cell phone radiation review

The American Academy of Pediatrics have joined the call for an inquiry into whether the standards set nearly 20 years ago.
Jul 30, 2012

New study: Is there a link between childhood obesity and radiation?

According to the new report released, there is a link betweem EMF exposures for babies in utero and risks of these conditions later on.
Jul 27, 2012

The Obesity Games? How the International Olympic Committee could have done better.

The International Olympic Committee receives criticism for promoting junk food at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Jul 19, 2012

Heavy phone users may drool more - and other cell phone news.

Looking for the latest in cell phone radiation coverage? Here's our roundup, from the curious, to the serious, to the downright odd.
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