April 22, 2012

We're hugging the Earth today.

Hello, fellow Earthlings. What part of our planet are you hugging it out with today? A tree? A field? A recycling bin? A green skyscraper? We'll be hugging it out with our smartphones, and we invite you to join us. It's Earth Day 2012 - another year, another reminder to take on a new planet-saving task and join your fellow like-minded humans in doing so.

So what to take on? You already recycle, you switched out your lightbulbs last  year, and you managed to limit your carwash allowance (right?!).

Here's a new idea for helping the planet: use tawkon on your phone to reduce the amount of radiation you absorb. It helps keep your body healthy while keeping your mind on what matters - keeping ourselves, our families, our communities and our planet safe from harm.

Happy Earth Day! (Every day.)

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