April 12, 2012

The sure cure? Prevention.

Washington Times columnist and cell phone radiation researcher Dariusz Leszczynski (whom we interviewed) is back, discussing one area of cell phone radiation health effects that applies worldwide, no matter what the outcomes of research: preventative medicine, or the Precautionary Principle, which applies where:

"…scientific evidence is insufficient, inconclusive or uncertain--where preliminary scientific evaluations indicate that there are reasonable grounds for concern over the potentially dangerous effects on the environment, human, animal or plant health by the specific element of exposure in question. Such concern over the potential danger(s) may warrant a high (precautionary) level of protection to be chosen."

In the words of Dariusz:

"When a person gets ill, returning to the healthy state takes effort, which might be or might not be successful. That is why, whenever possible and feasible, people should use preventive measures, known to diminish the risk of disease. It means using precaution or even the Precautionary Principle, as I suggested already in 2001 in my letter to The Lancet, when dealing with new technologies."

Basically, what safer bet is there than to consider that there is a possibility our cell phone overuse could be damaging in the future -  and do what we can, even in small amounts, to prevent those possible consequences?

Read the full article (highly recommended!): You have been WARNED: Cell phone radiation is a possible carcinogen

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