Gil Friedlander
Gil Friedlander

February 25, 2013

tawkon Taps the Crowd for Largest Ever Network Coverage Map

tawkon, the app that encourages healthy mobile phone use and lets you “talk on,” has unveiled its key monetization strategy - providing mobile carriers with crowdsourced network coverage data.

The tawkon application runs in the background and collects data on network quality. With this anonymously and aggregate level, vast collection of data tawkon is now able to provide significant benefit to mobile carriers.

Nowadays mobile carriers rely on services such as “truck rolls” whereby someone drives around with dedicated test equipment and analyzes the quality of coverage in a certain area. This is costly, labor intensive, not in real time and often does not reflect real users experience.

With the crowdsourced coverage maps that tawkon is now providing, carriers get real-time coverage statistics. Unlike data taken from a moving car, tawkon can analyze phone calls from indoors and other real life situations that provide comprehensive solution to mobile carriers.

With it’s vast collection of data - over 500 Million calls sampled - tawkon aims to provide mobile carriers with the ability to optimize and deploy their networks, as well as get a leg up on competing providers.

Just like Waze is solving the mapping problem by crowdsourcing maps, tawkon is crowdsourcing the mapping of network quality; and it’s doing it by aggregating data in real time from its mobile app of the same name.

tawkon has already begun providing its powerful network coverage data for top mobile carriers and has plans to expand even further in the near future.

As a taster, and just in time for Mobile World Congress 2013, tawkon has released its network coverage map of host city Barcelona. There is a map for each of the three main providers (Vodafone Spain, Movistar and Orange Spain) that spans the entire city based on recent weeks data collected.


Barcelona Network Coverage Maps

Red - Lowest Signal

Orange - Low Signal

Green - Best Signal 

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