Gil Friedlander
Gil Friedlander

April 30, 2012

tawkon's TNW2012 roundup: the talk, the feedback, the app.

Our team is back and even more energized after our trip to TNW2012 in Amsterdam last week, where we launched the first Android app to protect ourselves from cell phone radiation (check out the photos!).

But it's not over - people are continuing to talk on about tawkon! The feedback has started coming in as we've seen raving write-ups in Wired, WS Journal, and TechPP.

Couldn't make it to the Netherlands in time? The TNW folks posted my 5-minute introduction to the brand new tawkon app:

Short attention span? You can also check out the 90-second tawkon interview.

Meanwhile, Ben Rooney of the Wall Street Journal gave a shout out to tawkon in his panel discussion with Martin Bryant, Robert Scoble, etc., when speaking about what his readers want to know about.

On a scale of 1 to 10... our foray into Amsterdam rated amazing! We're honored we had the opportunity to share tawkon's next phase with a beautiful city, an energizing conference, and now - with the whole world.

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