Gil Friedlander
Gil Friedlander

October 12, 2012

Dublin Web Summit: See You There!

Ireland is known for many things: Sheppard’s Pie, Leprechauns and most of all Guinness, but this year it will be boasting something else:

The biggest tech conference in Europe.ireland

The Dublin Web Summit has been a blockbuster tech conference for several years, but this year they are shooting for the stars. With 3,000+ attendees, 250 exhibiting startups and 200 Incredible Speakers, DWS ’12 is going to go down in the books as one of the best tech conferences yet.

The conference will take place on October 17th and 18th in Dublin Ireland. In fact, there are actually 3 events that will be going on at DWS, and tawkon will be part of all of them.

We are really excited to be presenting at the Electric Ireland Spark of Genius startup competition, please come and join us to hear a memorable pitch! Keep an eye on our twitter and Facebook pages, because we will be giving you real time updates during the presentation! It is not to be missed.

Only 150 tech startups will be attending the invite-only START event that runs alongside the conference, and tawkon was selected to be among them. Being invited to START event is something we are hugely proud of. There are so many prestigious start ups and industry leaders that will be there, we are very flattered to be among them.

If you will be attending the conference this year you are going to want to find us at our booth! We are putting on a contest and you could win our special blue tawkon "retrophone"… be a SmartTawker!

We will have a retrophone with us at the booth, take a picture with it using the hashtags #SmartTawker , #WebSummit and tagging @tawkon. People with the highest retweets will win our very special tawkon blue headset and we have a HUGE grand prize lined up as well.

If you wont be attending, follow the hashtags #SmartTawker and #WebSummit to keep up with the conference, as well as our contest. Help someone become our next SmartTawker.

Keep an eye on our twitter and Facebook pages for real time updates from the conference.



See you in Dublin!

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