January 30, 2012

tawkon for kids: the mobile tool for talking responsibly.

Kids, today, eh? They're carrying cell phones and they are not letting go. Which means our kids are being exposed to mobile radiation just like the rest of us - but with even more risk.

Think about it: not only do kids have softer tissue, growing bones, and thinner skulls, but they're also surrounding themselves with cell phones from an earlier age than we did, so nearly their entire life span will have been spent with a cell phone.

And with radiation experts claiming studies are severely underestimating the effects on kids, what can we, as parents,  do about it?

The first steps include equipping them with a headset, keeping the phone out of their pockets, and introducing them to tawkon, free in the Android Market.

Let's give our kids the power to control their own cell phone radiation absorption. The tawkon app monitors their phones' radiation levels and then subtly alerts them before or during a call. With the alert comes a suggestion for a quick action to take in order to instantly lower the level - like switching to a headset, rotating the phone, or changing location.

Smart phones - smart kids! And not a bad idea for the rest of us, either.

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