Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner

November 8, 2012

Sprint Takes a Step Towards Health and Safety

Recently, Sprint announced that it would be launching a new initiative to help users stay safer, healthier and more aware.

By teaming up with companies like Safely, Sprint put together “Sprint Guardian” – A new section within its Sprint Zone App. This new initiative includes two bundles of applications, including - Family Safety, which is powered by Safely, and Mobile Security, powered by Lookout

The Family Safety bundle includes Sprint Family Locator, Sprint Mobile Controls (think parental controls), and Sprint Drive First, which target texting while driving.

This new initiative is indicative of a greater shift in the mobile market… towards mHealth and healthy life styles.

mHealth, otherwise known at Mobile Health, is the pursuit of new technologies within the mobile framework that help promote health in users. The growth of this category has been staggering. What used to be a fringe, niche market is now being penetrated by some of the biggest players in the mobile industry.

Back in September we wrote a blog post about the GigaOm Mobilize Conference. The gathering of thought leaders in the tech and mobile industry in San Francisco turned into a focused discussion about the shifting paradigm of the health-care system. People are moving away from physician- led system and towards mobile technologies. We are now seeing this trend developer even further.

AT&T, another of the big carriers in the US, has also embraced this new field. In February of this year they launched the beta version of its Development Center for mHealth. The new developer center provides an ecosystem for different applications to link together, at the direction of onsumer, to create a more complete, accessible, and personalized mHealth experience.

We are proud to be one of the companies to spear head this movement. tawkon was created to perfectly fit into the goals of mHealth. Namely, to offer users a mobile powered technology that helps them live healthier lives. 

tawkon for Android offers you the ability to keep talking as you regularly would and alerts you when radiation levels spike, and suggest ways to lessen your exposure. tawkon does something that all apps in the mHealth field aim to do; utilize the mobile technology we use everyday and give people the ability to easily make their lives healthier.

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