Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner

December 13, 2012

Sony Xperia S SAR

The Sony Xperia S is one of the latest Sony smartphones post the recent Sony Ericsson era. The phone was released with much fanfare, particularly about its sleek design and high definition screen. 


It measures 128 x 64 10.6mm and weighs 144 grams. The Android 2.3 smartphone (an Android 4.0 is due in the second quarter of 2012) features a 4.3-inch scratch resistant TFT touchscreen, 12.1-megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus and an internal storage 32GB (there is no microSD slot). Other main features include full HD video recording, HDMI support and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology built-in.

The Sony Xperia S is certainly a handsome looking phone and it has a fantastic screen, but we at tawkon wanted to see how The Sony Xperia S SAR rating compared with our list of most popular phones on the market. 

All Phones in the United States and Europe must be qualified/certified by a regulatory body before being sold in the market. In the United States this body is the FCC and their maximum SAR value allowed is 1.6 W/kg. 

We have done several studies on the SAR values of various new phones, and with the popularity of the Sony Xperia S increasing, we decided we should include it in our list. 

Position Device SAR (in W/Kg)
1 Samsung Galaxy Note II 0.171 W/Kg
2 Samsung Galaxy Nexus 0.303 W/Kg
3 Samsung Galaxy S3 0.342 W/Kg
4 Google/LG Nexus 4 0.550 W/Kg
5 HTC One S 0.687 W/Kg
6 Samsung Galaxy Ace 0.840 W/Kg
7 Apple iPhone 5 0.901 W/Kg
8 Blackberry Z10 0.970 W/Kg
9 Nokia Lumia 920 1.080 W/Kg
10 Sony Xperia S 1.370 W/Kg

As you can see, the Sony Xperia S SAR rating is particularly high when compared to other phones in our list of top popular mobile phones, and it has knocked off the Nokia Lumia 920 as the highest SAR rating in our top ten popular phone list. 

We all know that smartphones are a huge part of our lives and most of us are not willing to give them up. With tawkon for Android you don't have to. You can talk all you want and tawkon will alert you when radiation levels spike, and suggest ways to lessen your exposure.

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