August 23, 2012

Kids, Cell Phones and You


As the debate over cell phones and cancer continues to rage, concern is growing over the effects of the phones on children.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that pressing a cell phone to the ear for 50 minutes altered the brain activity in 47 adult volunteers. Now think about this - A child's head is nearly half the size of an adult’s.

Pretty scary right?

kids with cellphones

Dr. Nora Volkow, the lead author of the JAMA study, said modeling studies have shown that a child's brain would absorb more radiation than those of adults.

However, it seems as though parents are not very concerned about these possible risks. A recent survey that nearly 75% would or plan on giving their 10-15 year old children cell phones. Those are pretty staggering numbers.

A new market has emerged as a result, cellphones created specifically for children.

Each of these phones has unique features for different aged children, such as GPS tracking, however none of them address issues of radiation risk.

·       Firefly flyPhone

·       Just5

·       Kajeet Kids Samsung Seek

As a parent, what are your feelings about having children have cell phones? We would love to get your feedback on why or why not you let/would let your young children have a cell phone and at what age. 

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