Ori Goshen
Ori Goshen

March 24, 2013

Is Samsung Taking the Next Step in mHealth?

tawkon is a free application that will alert you when radiation from your phone spikes and suggest ways on how to minimize your exposure.

FitBit, Nike Fuel Band and Jawbone UP are only a few of the many “wearable tech” innovations focused on better health that have come about recently.

Samsung, in their infinite wisdom, embraced the “mHealth” movement by equipping its new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, with a slew of health related technologies. The suite is fully integrated with the previously used Samsung “S Health” app.

S Health 2.0 takes advantage of a new built-in pedometer for tracking steps, as well as ambient temperature and humidity, and the app also tracks food nutrition information from a database.

Not only that, but with the added accessories like wristbands and Bluetooth scales, S Health is able to track pulse, blood pressure, weight, speed and distance - all the basics for a good exercise tracking routine.

The S Health 2.0 app interface is also much more polished, diverse and integrated with the default UI, and it will let you make a food diary, and give you tips for improving your progress based on the information processed by the application. 

The "S Band Bracelet" is an activity tracker that can measure steps, calories burned, and monitor sleep efficiency. It comes in several colors and is waterproof. The HRM, a chest strap sensor, is a realtime heart rate monitor, that connects to a special Running Mate app on the phone. The body scale supports up to seven users. 

The S Band is a brand new accessory that has its own pedometer to keep you tracking your steps even when you don’t have the phone on you. Everything also plays nice with third-party accessories and devices, meaning it’ll connect to heart-rate monitors and more to give you a much more comprehensive picture of your overall health.

However Samsung is not the first big company to try and take over the mHealth industry.

AT&T is also in the game with "AT&T mHealth" a suite of apps and technologies that bring together cutting-edge capabilities in Mobility, Cloud and Security to connect you to the health, wellness and clinical data.

AT&T mHealth is an open platform that encourages developers to create applications that will help in the overall health and wellbeing of AT&T customers. 

Some of the applications and technologies that have come from this initiative include "TuneUp", an app that is meant to help deal with everyday anxiety and stress. 

The difference between the two approaches of AT&T and Samsung is that Samsung has these technologies built directly into the phone, something that has never been done prior. Instead of an external device, many of the features of Samsung S Health are built right into the phone. 

The real question is will these technologies compete against each other, or will they create an open environment where wearable health devices and built in phone techonologies will work harmoniously to provide phone users with an easy way to stay healthy.

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