Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner

October 9, 2012

Now Supports Galaxy S3!

You guys have been asking for it, and here it is. We are proud to announce that, as of today, tawkon now fully supports the Samsung Galaxy S3! 

We here at tawkon always appreciate any feedback you guys give us that will help us provide the best user experience possible. Because of your constructive feedback, we were able to take your suggestions and implement them to make tawkon the best possible app for you! 

With the release of our newest version of tawkon,, we focused on making sure that we could give the amazing benefit of tawkon to all Android users, including Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. 



Some additional fixes and features for the new version:

- Stability Fixes

- UI Fixes

- Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Support

- Official CDMA Support

- Data traffic reduction

- Pre-call alert disable setting added

The Galaxy S3 is a wildly popular phone. With it's large screen, fast processor and great picture quality it has taken the mobile world by storm, now all those people can keep on talking, being smart and using tawkon.

The Galaxy S3 is very possibly the safest mobile phone on the market, with an SAR of .34 W/kg. The FCC sets a maximum limit of 1.6 W/kg and The Galaxy has the lowest SAR of any of the popular phones on the market.

With this new announcement, we are bringing tawkon into the hands of each and every Android phone user.

We all know that smartphones are a huge part of our lives and most of us are not willing to give them up. With tawkon for Android you don't have to. You can talk all you want and tawkon will alert you when radiation levels spike, and suggest ways to lessen your exposure. 

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Now, keep talking!

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