Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner

November 29, 2012

Pembroke Pines, FL: The New Battleground For Cell Phone Radiation

We have been seeing a torrent of changes in the way that people, governments and legal bodies have been approaching the issue of cell phone radiation.

We recently reported a groundbreaking court case in Italy that ruled in favor of a man who claimed he developed a brain tumor as a result of excessive phone use for his work.

Another high profile occurrence was a recent study that was released which indicated a negative affect on unborn fetuses from phone radiation.

These are only a few of the changes that are going on worldwide, but in the last week a radical development occurred and it has turned the unlikely town of Pembroke Pines, FL into the new battleground for cell phone radiation awareness.

Inspired by a resident's cancer survival story, Pembroke Pines passed what's thought to be the first resolution in the state to warn residents about the possibility of cellphone radiation causing cancer.

Pembroke Pines resident Jimmy Gonzalez had a cancerous brain tumor removed from the area above Gonzalez' left ear — the same place where he held his cellphone for hours a day while working as an attorney. Just a year earlier, surgeons removed a tumor from his left hand, in between his index finger and middle finger.

The resolution encourages all residents to keep their cellphone at least one-inch away from their bodies, and to use a wired headset or speakerphone and to send messages by text or email. The resolution also encourages residents to stay informed about the latest scientific reports about cellphone radiation.

Pines plans to send the resolution, passed at its most recent meeting, to agencies across the state including the governor's office, the Florida League of Cities and the Florida Legislature to encourage other cities and school boards to adopt a similar resolution to protect Floridians.

Does this sound familiar? That is because these are suggestions we have been promoting for quite sometimes. Simple and easy to follow tips that will help you limit the dangers of exposure to phone radiation. 

We all know that smartphones are a huge part of our lives, and most of us are not willing to give them up. With tawkon for Android you don't have to. You can talk all you want and tawkon will alert you when radiation levels spike, and suggest ways to lessen your exposure.

Do you think this is a harbinger of things to come? Will more towns, cities and states all over the country begin to adopt similar requirements? 

What are your thoughts?


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