March 19, 2012

New study: quit smoking, no drinking, and get a landline, pregnant friends.

Smoking. Alcohol. Coffee. Sushi. Soft cheeses. Cold cuts.
The pregnant woman's list of preggo faux pas has just grown longer, according to a Yale study that has found a link between ADHD in offspring and... mom's cell phone radiation exposure during pregnancy.
The study was conducted on pregnant mice, and the detailed results were published last week in Nature.com's Scientific Reports.
The report's senior author, Yale's Dr. Hugh S. Taylor, said: “This is the first experimental evidence that fetal exposure to radiofrequency radiation from cellular telephones does in fact affect adult behavior."
Here's how the study went, from YaleNews:

Taylor and co-authors exposed pregnant mice to radiation from a muted and silenced cell phone positioned above the cage and placed on an active phone call for the duration of the trial. A control group of mice was kept under the same conditions but with the phone deactivated.
\nThe team measured the brain electrical activity of adult mice that were exposed to radiation as fetuses, and conducted a battery of psychological and behavioral tests. They found that the mice that were exposed to radiation tended to be more hyperactive and had reduced memory capacity. Taylor attributed the behavioral changes to an effect during pregnancy on the development of neurons in the prefrontal cortex region of the brain.

To us, this is a major breakthrough in radiation studies, and it's also an added suspected health link aside from cancer. And as we've reported here, and Mashable reports as well, there have been many other links - human and not-human - to cell phone radiation and health.
Of course, further study is absolutely necessary, as mice have 19-day pregnancies and are born with less-developed brains than humans.
Considering that dropping all cell phone use is near-impossible today, it would help pregnant women to monitor their radiation exposure and do the best they can to minimize it with headsets, keeping the phone in purses over pockets, and tawkon alerts for when they can make an effective change in their exposure.
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