Amit Lubovsky
Amit Lubovsky

February 6, 2013

Review of The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley Mobile Forum

Last week I had the privilege of taking part in a gathering of some of the leading thinkers in the Mobile Health community - The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley Mobile Forum

The conference focused on the growth of mHealth - specifically a thriving segment emerging for consumers to self-monitor measure, track, evaluate, and share data about their own bodies.

From blood sugar meters, weight trackers, to cardio - monitors, to calorie counters, people are measuring themselves, and this is the segment that was covered at this highly informative event.

Many speakers focused on new ways that people can quantify themselves using modern sensors and mobile network technologies. What was most interesting was the discussion of using data tracked from these technologies in order to build a bigger picture of individual health.

The concept of the “data economy” has become a real focus as of late, and it seems that the mHealth industry could utilize this new field to positively influence health related technologies in order to make peoples lives better.

I was honored with the opportunity to give a quick presentation of tawkon. It was a pleasure to introduce our application to such an impressive audience of thought leaders in the field of mHealth.

As I look back on the Mobile Forum, I feel more than ever that tawkon is part of a larger group of technologies that are not only offering a great product, but giving people a tool to live better, happier lives.


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