Ori Goshen
Ori Goshen

May 3, 2012

London Calling: The UK discusses mobile radiation.

The mobile radiation discussion is alive and well in the United Kingdom, and just today two London publications came out with reports on the debate. 

The Sun  enters with a serious tone - Is your mobile phone killing you? - and they conclude (as we tend to agree) that while studies' findings have not made the risks absolutely clear, it is important to openly discuss and take preventative measures. 

"Professor Denis Henshaw, of Bristol University, said: “Vast numbers of people are using mobiles and they could be a health timebomb, not just for brain tumours but also infertility.

"We should be openly discussing the evidence but it is not happening.”

The World Health Organisation advise pragmatic ways to reduce exposure to radiation such as using hands-free kits and texting instead of making calls."

The London Evening Standard presents Dr Christian Jessen asking: Are mobile phones bad for our health? The doctor concludes the risks are not worth worrying about: 

"We have to take an overall view, and the probability of them causing cancer, based on the studies to date, is a very small probability indeed.

Guidelines suggesting children should avoid excessive use of mobiles are purely precautionary, not based on evidence, so should not be interpreted to mean there is a definite danger."

The reports are coming in just a week after London hosted the Childhood Cancer 2012 conference, where mobile radiation researcher and expert Dariusz Leszczynski attended, presented and shared his thoughts. Catch an audio version of his talk or check out his slides covering mobile radiation and cancer risks in children, which he graciously shared as well. 

Talk on, UK!

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