Amit Lubovsky
Amit Lubovsky

July 11, 2012

Learn your own cell phone habits with weekly reports.

Recently, we shared some fascinating stats about how Android users with tawkon really use their phones.

But do you know that you can get your own personal tawkon usage report every week? 

Just in case you missed it when installing tawkon, you can fill in your email address at the bottom of the main 'me' screen where you can see your talk time stats.

What you'll get is a weekly email showing your talk time, how that's divided between phone, headset and speakerphone use, minutes you were exposed to high cell phone radiation levels, and how you compare to your friends, family and everyone else using tawkon. And of course, you can see how many minutes of high exposure you saved. See an example of the weekly report below.

And just because we love to help you lead a healthy, appy lifestyle, we include our recommendations for other wellness and awareness apps in our Weekly Tips section.

Happy talking!

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