May 29, 2012

Do you keep your cell phone in your bra?

Would you wear this bra despite cancer risks?Some women do it so they don't lose their phone in a club. Others do it to keep it steady during a workout. Still other women keep their cell phones tucked inside their bras all day long - at the office, school, wherever - for the convenience of proximity.

But are women with this hiding-habit considering long term effects?

A month ago, the invention of the JoeyBra took bloggers by storm. The apparel was created by two college students who saw a problem they wanted to fix: Their fellow female friends were losing their cell phones, cash and credit cards while out at bars. The bra features a side pocket big enough for a phone to be kept, safely tucked under tops.

Here's the story of Donna Jaynes, a young, healthy, fit woman with no family history of breast cancer and an ethnically lower chance of the disease. Yet, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Interestingly, the tumors that were found in her breast seemed to correspond with the position of her cell phone - which she had a habit of storing in her bra.

Watch Donna's story and take heed:

Of course, this is an anecdotal case and not proof there is a direct causation.

But it does say in the manufacturer packet that one should "keep iPhone at least 15mm 5/8 inch) away from the body..."

Ladies, do you keep your cell phone that close to home? Gents, are you still keeping your phones in your pocket?  

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