Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner

January 3, 2013

Huawei Ascend G300 Radiation (SAR)

Huawei Technologies Co. is China’s largest smartphone manufacturer, and when it comes to the Asian mobile market, Huawei is at the top. 

Huawei sells telecommunications equipment in more than 140 countries, deriving 70 percent of sales from outside China. Sales in 2012 reached 220 billion yuan (3.5 trillion yen, or $35 billion), putting the company on par with Sweden’s Ericsson, the world’s largest telecoms gear maker.

The Huawei Ascend G300 is one of the companies best selling phones on the market. We decided to compare the Huawei Ascend G300 to top 5 most popular mobile devices currently on the market, particularly their SAR (The standard measurement of a phone's radiation).

There are many aspecs to look at when measuring up a great phone, but we at tawkon are particularly concenered  the level of radiation that a phone emits. 

All Phones in the United States and Europe must be qualified/certified by a regulatory body before being sold in the market. In the United States this body is the FCC and their maximum SAR value allowed is 1.6 W/kg. 

What we found from our comparison was impressive to say the least, and was indicative of the greater value Huawei places on bettering the lives of mobile phone users. 

Position Device SAR (in W/Kg)
1 Huawei Ascend G300 0.233 W/Kg
2 Samsung Galaxy S2 0.247 W/Kg
3 Samsung Galaxy Nexus 0.303 W/Kg
4 Samsung Galaxy S3 0.342 W/Kg
5 Google/LG Nexus 4 0.550 W/Kg
6 HTC One S 0.687 W/Kg
7 Samsung Galaxy Ace 0.840 W/Kg
8 Blackberry Z10 1.070 W/Kg
9 iPhone 4S 1.110 W/Kg
      10         iPhone 5         1.180 W/Kg

Compared to our list of top 10 most popular phones, the Huawei Ascend G300's SAR ranks as one of the lowest; a great achievement. Based on our professional experience at tawkon, we believe that the Huawei Ascend G300 is a great phone; not only does it have fantastic features, it is also a phone that you could use in a healthy and safe way. 

It is no suprise that Huawei is putting out phones with health in mind. One need only look at the values that the company espouses. 

"Huawei continually works toward realizing its vision of enriching life and improving efficiency through a better connected world"

Along with creating low radiation emitting smartphones, Huawei has taken other steps to help people live better and healthier lives through innovatitive technology.

The company launched an enterprise solutions that let healthcare professionals provide better services to people who need it. The Huawei eHealth Smart Healthcare Cloud Solution enhances healthcare proffessionals' ability to provide the highest level of healthcare possible. 

Huawei also released an impressive smartphone at a very low price point to the African market. By selling this phone at such an affordable price, the company has opened doors for more Africans to utilize smartphones for health related purposes. Africa, in particular, stands to benefit from mHealth related solutions and technologies and Huawei has provided Africans with a low cost opportunity to access them. 

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