Amit Lubovsky
Amit Lubovsky

July 19, 2012

Heavy phone users may drool more - and other cell phone news.

Looking for the latest in cell phone radiation coverage? What about the wackiest? Here's our roundup, from the curious, to the serious, to the downright odd.

Could the sun be harming our cell phones, too?

In the weekly column by 'Mr. Scientist,' Molly P. asks whether solar flares from our sun have an effect on our cell phones. The answer? Not quite; there's way more of a chance the flares could affect the signals of GPS satellites.

Via Ask Mr. Scientist: Solar flares and cell phones [The Daily Cardinal]

Research must speed up, cell phone use in cars must slow down

Researchers at a conference in Bombay rued the lack of conclusive studies regarding cell phone dangers as the industry continues to rapidly expand. On top of that, they discussed the need for policy protecting local plants, animals and the environment as a whole.

None of that is necessarily news, of course, but what they also discussed was that using cell phones in cars is far more risky than other forms of use. According to Dr. Amarjot Dhani, it actually causes extremely high health hazards: “In a car, the radiation may be amplified, because car is a metal body, which acts as a Faraday cage where the radiation gets trapped. The impact is heightened with the use of Bluetooth. Drivers exposed to radiation felt sleepy faster.”

Via The cell may not spell well [The Hindu]

The cliquey side of scientific research 

There are major flaws in the way experts are handling scientific debates, especially regarding the research on the biological and health effects of cell phone-emitted radiation, according to Dariusz Leszczynski, Research Professor at STUK - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Helsinki, Finland.

What it comes down to is groups of like-minded researchers who group together to confirm or deny research, essentially peer-reviewing each other and perpetuating unproven ideas. Read the full article for a deeper, inside view of this aspect of scientific research.

Via “In Experts We Trust” …or should we? [The Washington Times]

Cell phone radiation linked to cell phone... slobber

Loud talkers, annoying ringtones and now... drooling?

According to dental researchers in India, cell phone use increases the amount and flow of saliva, which would imply that heavy cell phone users actually drool more.

In the study, 142 men and women were divided into two groups of cell phone use - over two hours a day and under. The participants' parotid glands were measured in their resting state by "recording unstimulated parotid salivary flow rate and taking ultrasound images of the glands."

Those who used their cell phones in the higher usage category had a higher flow rate and larger parotid glands. Additional testing would be required to confirm, but the researchers believe that electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices might be the cause behind the extra parotid gland growth the increased saliva production.

Via People Who Use Cell Phones More Than 2 Hours a Day Drool More Than Others [Medical Daily]

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