Amit Lubovsky
Amit Lubovsky

May 8, 2012

Moving to the head of the 'smartphone class.'

It's not a generational thing, and it's not necessarily bound by income or ethnicity.

Smartphone users have become a class of their own.

The differences are miniscule, as reported in AllThingsD, but it seems there is a slight higher smartphone use for women over men, and for Latino and African American users over whites.

But according to a recent eMarketer report, the 'smartphone class' is not distinguished by age, race, gender, or income, but by behavior, which is called 'snacking' - essentially consuming bits and bites of content constantly. 

In their words: "Its members define themselves by their connectedness and their sense of empowerment through unfettered access to real-time information."

The content-grazing done by this class could mean a 5-minute Twitter scan between meetings or a 15-minute YouTube break at lunch. But the people are constantly tapped in to what's going on, all via their phones.

It's not just for 'snacking' either - Mashable reports in a Lab42 infographic that half of all fitness freaks (and even just workout newbies) are using their phones while excersizing, "whether for checking email (33%) or tracking their pace (43%). Listening to music is the most popular way to incorporate mobile devices into a workout (91%)."

By the way, a reported 48.5% of those smartphone users in the United States are tapping on Androids.

Do you consider yourself a part of the smartphone class?

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