Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner

February 3, 2013

Calcalist Interview: tawkon, the Retro Handset and Israeli Mobile Market

Recently Co-Founder and CEO of tawkon Gil Friedlander was interviewed for the Israeli business publication Calcalist (Hebrew). The impetus of this interview was a blockbuster settlement of a class action lawsuit in Israel, against mobile phone providers. The class action lawsuit addressed the issue that mobile phone radiation (SAR) of a phone may change after a phone is repaired, exceeding permitted limits.



The result of the settlement was that all providers in Israel, once returning a mobile from repair, must provide 10 NIS ($2.60) headsets with all phones. Additionally, if a customer wants to check that radiation levels of a phone did not change following a repair by the operator, they can do so for 70 NIS ($18.42)

Another development in Israel that Gil addressed in the interview was the recent purchase by Cisco systems of Israeli start-up Intucell for a whopping $475 Million!

Gil pointed out that the mobile network performance and optimization is a hot space these days, especially due to the data overload. tawkon addresses the same market that Intucell does with insights of network performance, however tawkon taps into the user network experience and performance from the handset itself.

Gil told Calcalist that beyond Big Data, tawkon is pursuing monetization streams from an eCommerce strategy, which was kicked off with the launch of the tawkon Retro Handset, available on tawkon website and directly through the application.


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