Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner

March 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Radiation Level Revealed

The official documents from the FCC have recently been made public. After doing some digging, we were able to find the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S IV.

The much anticipated new flagship phone from Samsung is expected to be released tomorrow, March 14th. There have been many rumors as to the phones specs and purported images of the device itself, however none of them have been corroborated.

Based on the document obtained by tawkon, the Samsung Galaxy S IV will have an SAR of .45 W/Kg. 

tawkon is a free application that will alert you when radiation from your phone spikes and suggest ways on how to minimize your exposure.

The SAR value for the Samsung Galaxy S IV while considerably lower than most popular phones in the market, it actually rates on the low end compared to the exteremely low radiation phones that Samsung has put out in the past. 

    Position                     Device   SAR (W/Kg)     
         1   Samsung Galaxy Note            0.209 W/Kg
         2   Samsung Galaxy S2    0.240 W/Kg
         3   Samsung Galaxy Nexus    0.303 W/Kg
         4   Samsung Galaxy S3    0.342 W/Kg
         5   Samsung Galaxy S4    0.450 W/Kg


With this new Galaxy, Samsung is continuing its precedent of releasing phones with very low radiation output, compared to other current popular phones in the market.


Position     Device   SAR (W/Kg)
1           Samsung Galaxy S4             0.45 W/Kg                   
HTC First  
  0.65 W/Kg
3 BlackBerry Z10   0.97 W/Kg
4 Nokia Lumia 920   1.08 W/Kg
5 HTC One   1.26 W/Kg

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