March 29, 2012

From new mom to organic guru.

An internet search for new-mom tips and tricks turned into a blog - and then a healthy, organic lifestyle - for Nadia Ruseva.
Now Nadia blogs at I Prefer Organic, which is, in her words, "about healthy, natural, eco-friendly and organic alternatives to conventional products and crunchy ways of doing things at home and at work. You will also find tips, recipes and reviews related to organic and sustainable living, fair trade and vegan products."
After finding Nadia's site we just had to hear more about her decision to keep a healthy, organic lifestyle for her and her toddler.

What does organic living mean to you? Wrongly, many people believe organic living is something that only the rich can afford. I think it is not about opening your wallet, but about opening your mind. Some of the major things I learned are taking good advantage of what nature gives us (e.g. natural remedies); keeping things as simple as possible, which actually saves me a lot of money; making good choices with respect to the health and well being of my family and myself.
And the benefit? Being happy, beautiful and healthy, inside and out.
How has your life changed since you started it? Many things have changed. One of them is that I started cooking and I enjoy it. Food has power – the power to harm and the power to heal and I am entirely focused on the latter.
\nAnother major change is that my home is toxins-free. I don’t use commercial house cleaning products and my skin-care products are either homemade (most of them) or from brands that are 100% natural and/or organic.
Have you found support in your local community, or do you find you're going against the grain? More and more people understand and morally support the ideas of organic living, but many of them do not have the courage or, in their opinion, the money to implement them.
Yes, there are moments when I feel I am going against the grain, but it can never stop me from what I have started. I have the full support of my family and that’s the only thing I need.
Do you own/use a cell phone? (If yes, are you worried about cell phone radiation? If you don't own one, why not?) Yes, I have a cell-phone and I don’t believe I’ll ever give it up. However, since I became aware of what the side effects can be after prolonged usage, I am very careful about how I use it and where I leave it, especially when at home. I have a toddler who used to not miss a chance to play with my cell phone. I also strictly follow the EWG recommendations so that I and my kid have as little radiation as possible.
For someone who wants to start living a greener life, what are some first steps you'd recommend?\r\nThere are no strict steps to follow. I would just say to take it slowly and introduce little changes till the goal is accomplished. Otherwise, there is a great risk to scare the others with all the “revolutionary” changes that are implemented or the financial shock will be unbearable.

Want to hear more from Nadia? Find more of her healthy lifestyle tips on Facebook and Twitter.

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