Ori Goshen
Ori Goshen

September 19, 2012

The Fresh Living Project

We live in a world that is constantly on the go. No longer does leaving the office mean you are leaving your work behind, because we are always connected through our mobile devices.

With the mobil-a-zation of our lives, there comes a cost. Many people say that finding time to stay healthy has gone by the wayside. Whether it is exercising or eating right, people just have less time to focus on these things.  

Some app creators are now using the mobile era to help users achieve healthier lifestyle by creating applications that help people keep fit and healthy.

We decided to take the initiative and give mobile users the ability to find apps for wellness in every part of their lives, all in one place. With The Fresh Living Project, we have created a platform for people to stay healthy, fit and fresh, as part of their daily routines - without having to take away from their busy lives.


The Fresh Living Project is our brainchild, and it offers suggested apps for various lifestyles, or “characters” with which people can relate.  Each character represents a lifestyle that can be widely related to. From the busy businessman, to the artsy hipster, to the soccer mom and the funky student, each of these characters has a story of their own.  Each story is told through a daily schedule that is paired with wellness related apps that help the character throughout their day.

The Fresh Living Project serves a secondary purpose; it is a consortium for those in the wellness and health app industry. This project is meant to be a venue for the best health and wellness applications to come together and join forces towards the same goal; making peoples lives better through technology.

We painstakingly went through apps in the health and wellness category and chose those apps that truly met the high standards for this project and were able to change the lives of mobile users in a meaningful way.

Each app chosen for this project was meant to help people in their everyday lives. Apps for fitness such as Runkeeper, Endomondo, Women’s Health Workouts were chosen to give each character a unique regimen of fitness apps in order to fit their individual stories. Focus was also given to healthy eating apps such as Fooducate, BMI Calculator and The Eatery.  

We are sure that The Fresh Living Project will provide a tool for healthy living that will enrich the lives of people all over the world.

Live Fresh!

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