Amit Lubovsky
Amit Lubovsky

June 7, 2012

Four accessories for reducing cell phone radiation.

As we all know by now, you can stay on top of you cell phone radiation exposure - actually measure it - with tawkon.

But once you do receive that high radiation alert, and the corresponding tip for reducing it, what kind of solution do you  use?

We're talking accessories.

Here's why it's a good idea to look into them: Your mobile phone transmits microwave energy, and when in use, it can reach up to 2 Watt. With a Bluetooth headset, it could top up at 1 mWatt (1/1000 Watt); that's also similar for wired headsets. Also, the radiation exposure is reduced in the factor of square to the distance.

In plain English, removing the phone between 10-15 centimeters from your body makes a big difference in exposure.

Ready to take control of your radiation situation? We've collected various options for making it even simpler to lower your exposure once tawkon detects high radiation.

Wireless (Bluetooth) headset

1. Jabra: In a study done by the headset company last year, roughly 85% said they weren't concerned or slightly concerned about radiation. However, when informed of the fact that using a Bluetooth headset reduces their exposure, 53% said they would use a hands-free device. Jabra carries wireless and wired headsets, along with speakerphone accessories as well.

2. Jawbone: Here's the option of sleek, designer headsets that, in addition to obvious radiation benefits, offer noise cancellation, HD quality, motion controls and apps.

3. Plantronics: One headset doesn't fit all, and Plantronics has a bunch of fits for different callers.

Wired headset

4. POP phone: As we've reported, Anderson Cooper, Eva Longoria and the ever-stylish Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen with these funky, chunky retro, wired phone extensions.

What kind of 'phone extension' do you use? Wired or wireless? Favorite brand?

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