Ori Goshen
Ori Goshen

October 31, 2012

DroidCon London 2012: The Future, Now

“When you make a choice, you change the future.”

Deepak Chopra

This year, London became ground zero for an event that was set to outline the future of Android. This event will go down in history as a crucial moment for the direction that future developers will be going.

DroidCon 2012 in London, England was the continuation of the annual meeting of developer geeks who focus on exploiting the Android system towards goals that have yet been figured out. This year, the two-day event included 30+ speakers and roughly 1,000 participants; a very impressive number of geeky droid-heads for sure.

We arrived to London and got straight into the swing of things. The vibe at the conference was great, the feeling of being part of the future of technology was almost palpable.

The focus of this year’s event really turned into what lays ahead for Android, and how it could be applied to other systems such as automobiles and video game consoles. The overall conclusion was that Android is a system that is growing organically, and no one is entirely sure where it will end up.

This is not to say that the world of Android development is veering away from mobile, quite the opposite. The growth of innovation related to Android powered mobile devices is expanding in parallel. It was under this environment that we stepped into the spotlight to unveil a new, disruptive technology of our own.

On day one, I stepped on to the stage and presented a technology that we created in house called Dr. Power. This tool allows developers to not only see how their application is CPU optimized, but also see factors such as usage of various sensors in the phone, as well as data usage. These and other elements play as much of a role in the battery usage as the CPU. 

We created Dr. Power in the process of optimizing tawkon. We found that, while the proprietary SDK for Android allows you to see CPU usage, it does not allow you to break down each application that is running and see which aspects of that app are using up the most battery. With Dr. Power, you can optimize each piece of an application to be as battery efficient as possible.

We decided to give this technology to developers for free, because we feel it will be beneficial in helping fuel this push forward into the future for Android developers.

After DroidCon, we are really excited about what the future holds for Android and are extremely grateful and honored to be a part of it!

Click here to read more about Dr. Power.

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