Ori Goshen
Ori Goshen

October 25, 2012

Introducing Dr. Power | Battery Profiler

While we worked tirelessly on tawkon, we wanted to not only provide a superior user experience, but also create an app that was energy efficient. We found that the tools necessary to do this were not readily available. So we decided to take initiative and create one.

Currently, the built-in Android SDK is limited and focused on analyzing CPU usage. However, there are other important factors involved in the draining of battery power. Without the full spectrum of battery usage analysis, developers cannot fully streamline their applications to be as power efficient as possible.

Introducing Dr. Power; A tool for helping developers build better battery efficient apps.

This tool allows developers to not only see how their application is CPU optimized, but also see factors such as usage of various sensors in the phone, as well as data usage. These and other elements play as much of a role in the battery usage as the CPU.

Dr. Power allows developers to see a breakdown of each component within the app, in percentages and absolute numbers (mA).
Components such as: GPS, Proximity, Orientation, Gyro sensors , wake lock time and many others. This allows developers to easily track their app’s battery usage over time.

When the end user of an application notices battery drainage, the developer will be able to use Dr. Power to mimic the specific situation that was causing the drainage, as well as the type of phone used. In this way, developers can use feedback to continuously make their applications more battery efficient, in all scenarios and on all devices.  

We put all our efforts towards the goal of creating a superior application that was power efficient. When we were done we realized this tool was something that all Android developers could benefit from, so we decided to release Dr. Power to the public.

This tool is our contribution to Android developers all over the world.

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