January 24, 2012

Children and cell phone radiation: Are we protecting our kids the best we can?

Sent your kids off to school today with a cell phone? Chances are increasing that, yes, you did.

Two years ago, 35% of American 11-year-olds carried cell phones, and with the cost of phones decreasing and the model and price plan options increasing, we can only imagine that number has increased immensely.

So it's really long overdue that we all be thinking about the effects of mobile radiation on our kids.

Recently, Dr. Joseph Mercola reported on the topic and asks: Why Are Cell Phones Using the Wrong Safety Standards? According to studies, radiation exposure is seriously underestimated by the FCC in the United States (and, really shouldn't even be dealt with by the FCC at all) which has important implications for children's safety. According to a new report by Om Gandhi, PhD, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Utah and colleagues, in general the absorbed radiation rate is underestimated, but in particular, with regards to children.

In the words of the report:

"The existing cell phone certification process … greatly underestimat[es] the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for typical mobile phone users, especially children. A superior computer simulation certification process has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) but is not employed to certify cell phones."

\r\nThe major issue comes down to size: the tests being done, as accurate or not as they are, are done on adult head sizes. A major flaw with the research, is it not? Children have thinner skulls, smaller brains and softer brain tissue, making them more vulnerable to penetration by electromagnetic fields.

According to Gandhi's research:

It might be unpleasant to read about, and then think of your child leaving the house with his/her phone. And in these times, there is an immediate safety to equipping our children with the means to communicate immediately. That's why we have to do whatever we can, while research is still being done, to limit exposure and control the situation, especially for our kids.

What would it take to download tawkon to their phones so they can be smarter about their cell phone use? It's quick, it's free and it's information that will help your kids (and you!) take control.

Read on for the full article, and the original report.

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