Amit Lubovsky
Amit Lubovsky

January 14, 2013

CES 2013: Our Top 5 Health Gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show has become an institution unto itself. 

This year the attendance at CES topped 150,000! Needless to say, there was a lot to see and not nearly enough time to see it all. 

There was no shortage of ridiculously innovative gadgets and chachkies at CES to impress even the most newbiest of tech geeks. From a refridgerator with an LCD screen that could run apps like Evernote, to a 56 inch 4k OLED Smart - TV, CES 2013 certainly delivered the goods.

A number of companies debuted or commercially launched health-related devices at CES for the first time this year, including quirky quantified self efforts like Beam Brush’s app-enabled toothbrush and the headline-grabbing HAPIfork, which aims to help you eat more slowly.

There were quite a few health related gadgets at this years' CES, but we chose 5 as our top picks for this year:





This really caught my eye, and I wasn't the only one. Given the novelty, based on booth traffic and number of TV camera crews hovering at the HAPIfork booth throughout the first few days of the event, this looks to be the most high profile health-related device launch at CES this year. 

The HAPIfork is a fork embedded with sensors and a Bluetooth transmitter. The fork senses when you’re eating too fast, and vibrates to alert you, as well as sending notifications to a companion app that you download to your smart phone. The theory is that if you eat too fast, it takes longer to realize you’re full, so you might eat too much. 



Fitbit Flex__Colors

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit is embracing the growing popularity of the bracelet form-factor ala Nike Fuel Band, while keeping the tracker inside very similar to the Fitbit One.

Fitbit saw there was no silver bullet in the world of fitness and that everyone is unique. Bringing their knowledge into a wristband form will offer a wide variety of people a great tool for getting fit.





Pebble Watch

Pebble Watch was a KickStarter sensation (Not to be confused with the FitLinxx device of the same name) — a wristwatch that can run apps like a smartphone. Pebble Watch raised $1 Million on KickStarter in just 28 hours!

In May, Pebble tapped fitness app RunKeeper as its first partner. After months of delays the company finally announced during a well-attended press conference at CES that its watch will ship on January 23rd, but RunKeeper support won’t kick in until March.



iHealth Labs

iHealth Labs had a major presence at CES this year. Their booth was buzzing with people all weekend and it seemed like there was a never ending array of products they were demoing.  

iHealth introduced a number of new products this year, expanding the company’s lineup of iOS accessories for monitoring health and fitness with a blood glucose monitor and a pulse oximeter. It also showed a variety of different baby monitoring cameras and related accessories.

The iHealth Pulse Oximeter attaches to the user’s finger and displays a readout of pulse rate and blood oxygenation level on a built-in LCD display while also wirelessly relaying the information to a companion iOS app.

iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System is designed to allow users with conditions such as diabetes to easily monitor their blood glucose levels and record information and trends in the accompanying iOS app. The meter can store up to 500 test results on-board for later transmission to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The accompanying glucose monitoring app also allows users to visualize glucose level trends over time and automatically track test strip expiration dates.

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