March 13, 2012

Cell phone radiation: the cure?!

One man's risk is another man's cure.
As the Times of India reports, doctors in Chennai are exploring an alternative method of treatment for people suffering chronic conditions, like Parkinson's disease, brain hemorrhage and diabetes: mobile radiation.
It sounds crazy, sure. But the doctors involved are actually developing special devices for use with pulsed electromagnetic field energy as a form of treatment. In fact, it is already considered an FDA-approved therapy in the United States, where the 'phone radiation' is used for fusing bones and, in some cases, reducing swelling and joint pain.
"We know that frequencies in cellphones and microwave ovens can affect our DNA, RNA and protein synthesis. That way, right frequencies of electromagnetic energy can be used to heal a damaged cell. We are researching on such frequencies to treat such cells of the heart, brain and other organs," said cardiologist Dr B M Hegde, who feels the this form of energy does have multiple aspects.
Other doctors warn that it has not been peer-reviewed and until proven effective, it should not be a viable option for the masses.
Meanwhile, Dr Hegde already developed a treatment device using the technology, and of course, it does look similar to a mobile phone. It must be emphasized that this is very much in the research stage.
Perhaps they ought to consider using tawkon for radiation exposure monitoring!

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