February 21, 2012

Cell phone radiation: a simple(r) lowdown.

Just lay it on me, will ya?
Here's an article we spotted that, with a simple sort of detail, explains the definition, background, and issues related to cell phone radiation: Cell phone radiation: Counteraction (phonearena.com)
The highlights:
What's the connection
We end up discussing radiation related to cell phones because the power behind being able to talk or text falls on the connection the device makes with the carrier's network. It's a signal that the phone has to be able to

transmit and receive. That signal happens through radiation (or radio waves) and as radio waves have two kinds of signals, electric and magnetic, we come to call this field: electromagnetic radiation.

But we're not talkin' nuclear bad...
Once upon a time, scientists figured that the type of radiation coming from cell phones and cell towers was harmless (sound familiar?). The reason was because it is considered non-ionizing radiation. As opposed to the ionizing kind we know from x-rays and, um, nuclear energy.

"So what has changed that we now have never-ending disputes as to whether or not cell phones cause cancer? Quite simply, cell phones have become so popular and ever-present that if there's even the slightest chance for them to be harmful, we better do some very serious research before we can decide that's it's completely safe to sleep with a phone right next to your head."

But the smart people in lab coats -
This is what you may have already heard over and over - the murky status of conclusive evidence for a direct connection between cell phone radiation and cancerous health hazards.
But aside from that, we do know of the thermal effect:

"This type of radiation is generating a thing called dielectric heating (or RF heating), which is capable of penetrating living tissue. Normally, when there are some overheated cells in your body, your brain simply orders more blood to go their way, which eventually disposes of the excess heat. However... there are some areas in your body that do not have such temperature regulation – like the cornea of the eye or the male testes. Because of that, it's markedly dangerous to expose those areas to significant heat. Now, just how biologically significant the RF heat that's coming from your phone is, is... you guessed it – not clear."

So what do I do now?!
Yep, even when explained simply, it's a lot to take in. Continue learning about SAR or check out the counteraction tips posted in the original article.\r
Happy talking!

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