Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner

March 7, 2013

Belgium: Health Minister Proposes Measures to Protect Children From Mobile Radiation


In Belgium, the Minister of Health proposed a series of measures to better protect children from mobile phone radiation. 

The measures are primarly focused on two areas: advertising and sale of mobile phones.

1. Disclosure of phone radiation by vendors.

A disclosure of the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), also known as DAS in French, should be offered when a phone is purchased. The SAR or Specific Absorption Rate quantifies the level of absorbed radiation emitted from a mobile phone. Each mobile phone is characterized by a maximum SAR which is provided by the manufacturer; European legislation requires that the SAR (DAS) does not exceed 2 W / kg. But there are important differences between mobile phones, as evidenced by the comparison of the SAR of the most popular smartphones.

2. Mobile phones banned for children.

Children are particularly vulnerable to mobile phone radiation. Firstly they are potentially exposed to more radiation throughout their lifetimes. Second they absorb twice as much radiation to the brain and ten times more in the spinal cord. Under the proposed plan, mobile phones for children under 7 years would not allowed.

3. Advertising mobile phones for under 14 prohibited.

With the same goal of protecting children, the advertising of mobile phones to children under 14 years will be prohibited.

4. Each cell phone must be sold with a headset.

In another draft Royal Decree, the Minister Onkelinx made it mandatory to buy a headset with every mobile phone, as is already the case in France.

At tawkon, we recommend some tips to protect children (and adults) from mobile phone radiation:

  • Keep the phone on AIRPLANE mode when the smartphone is not in use
  • Avoid areas where network coverage is poor  (elevators etc. ..) where the phone will have to work harder to capture network
  • Use more texting and other chatting apps
  • Avoid calling during while moving fast (car, train, etc. ..) which will force your phone to constantly connect from one network to another, making the phone work harder 
  • Use the tawkon limited edition retro handset. This accessory connects to your smartphone (compatible iPhone, BlackBerry and Android) and reduces your exposure to absorbed radiation by up to 99%.
  • Install tawkon on your Android smartphone to monitor mobile radiation exposure. The app alerts you when radiation spikes and suggests ways to limit exposure. 


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