Gil Friedlander
Gil Friedlander

June 5, 2013

Hey Anderson Cooper - The tawkon retro handset is here!

Eva Longoria... Sarah Jessica Parker... Janet Jackson... Just a few of the celebrities who have been converted to Anderson Cooper's phone-safe fancy.


The CNN personality has been using the chunky, funky POP phone as an 'iPhone extension' and hopes to recruit others... so he looks less out of place.

Hey Anderson, we got a new retro handset for you and your friends, come check it out! 

We at tawkon always have our finger on the pulse of current trends and fads, as well as a deep passion for mobile radiation awareness. After seeing high profile celebrities like Anderson Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lenny Kravitz sporting radiation eliminating headsets, we decided to come out with our very own tawkon retro handset




  • Eliminates 99% of absorbed phone radiation
  • High quality speaker and microphone
  • Noise reduction system
  • Answer, disconnect, and adjust volume directly from handset
  • Designed to feel light and luxurious
  • Rubberized soft-touch finish for ultimate comfort and feel
  • Compatible with most popular phone models 
    (Android, iPhone, Blackberry and many more)
  • Fashionable, Elegant and Hip!!



Join the fashion craze and get your own tawkon retro handset!

On his show, Anderson Cooper has been giving the gift of lowered cell phone radiation exposure to his celebrity guests.

Eva Longoria really digs the old-school style:

And Sarah Jessica Parker may just take Manhattan by retro-storm:

And it's topped the charts with several music stars: Adam Levine called it 'the coolest.' Janet Jackson could be crowned Princess of POP after receiving her own. And even musician Lenny Kravitz was spotted around town rocking his own iPhone-extension.

Anderson Cooper and his celebrity friends are not the only ones that want to address the issue of mobile radiation with a comfortable and fashionable solution. Just check out our SmartTawker photo album to see who else has joined the tawkon retro handset revolution. 

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