April 4, 2012

An app a day keeps the doctor away...

Hopefully you like your doctor, but not enough to warrant extra visits.
According to new data, health apps are helping to reduce numbers of doctor visits. Nearly half of doctors believe that the use of medical apps can help reduce in-person visits, which could be useful considering 1 billion visits were made to physicians' offices in 2011.
There are already over 10,000 health-related apps in the iTunes app store, and it's the fastest-growing category for apps on both iOS and Android.
And if doctors could get their way, 88% say they'd want patients to continue monitoring their own weight, blood and sugar at home.
And it's not just the patients - 80% of doctors are using smartphones and medical apps themselves for various purposes.
Are you using mobile apps to monitor your health? Aside from tawkon, of course ;)
Check out the infographic below for more stats:

via Mashable.

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