April 1, 2012

A mobile manicure? Radiation from your phone to your fingernails.

A new study released over the weekend claims that while the risks associated with cell phone radiation still apply, the mobile variety of radiation may actually be good for something - beautiful, long, healthy... fingernails.
Professor Minka Rudolph, the study's lead researcher, said what they found was that when concentrated and aimed directly at the bed of the nail, fingernails could grow longer by 1 millimeter a minute.
"The rate is faster than we ever would have dreamed of, and we are pleasantly surprised by the results," said Rudolph.
The team suspects that high-end nail salons can use the new development to offer better (and more expensive) manicure packages.
That said, the study was - shockingly - funded by Beautiful Nails, Inc.
We at tawkon don't recommend using cell phone radiation to grow fingernails... We're no scientists but we're pretty sure this is a terrible idea.
Oh, and...
...the study results will only be made available for today, 1st of April.

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