Mark Lerner
Mark Lerner

January 6, 2013

4 Predictions for Mobile in 2013

Well, some people never though it would come, but we are officially in 2013; a new year with new opportunities. 

We here at tawkon are super excited - we have some very exciting things up our sleeves this year. We can't quite tell you everything yet, but trust me, you are going to want to stay tuned for new announcements.

This year will be another huge year in the mobile market. We have come up with a few predictions of our own for 2013:

Brand wars will continue

2013 will be the year of Apple Vs. Samsung (again). While there are other players in the game, we all know who the big boys are. 

The Samsung Galaxy III recently dethroned the iPhone. While Apple went conservative with new features on the iPhone 5, Samsung went bold, equipping the Galaxy S III with an enormous 4.8-inch display, near field communication (NFC) technology, a burst-shooting camera and a voice-enabled assistant akin to the iPhone's Siri. 

We are already hearing rumors of an iPhone 6 in the works, with a new OS to boot and Samsung has already announced the S3 "mini", we can also expect a slew of additional new devices from the Korean tech giant.

Behind the iPhone and Galaxy a host of capable contenders are hungry for a shot at the belt, including devices from MotorolaHTC and Nokia.

More competition in the mobile OS market

While iOS and Android will continue to reign supremer in 2013, the top two contenders for third place will be Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10.

A few dark horses are running in this race for third. Mozilla plans to launch a Firefox OS sometime during 2013. Then, there is Tizen, a Linux-based mobile OS. Samsung recently revealed plans to release Tizen-based devices in 2013.

Both Firefox and Tizen are open source mobile operating systems, but they won't be the only ones. There are two other open source mobile operating systems to watch going forward. Jolla expects to release smartphones and possibly tablets running its Sailfish OS in 2013; and Ubuntu-based smartphones should hit the market by early 2014.

Bigger phones, smaller tablets

The iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen. The Galaxy Note II has a 5.5-inch screen. In fact, of all the Android devices sold in the last three months, nearly one-third had a screen size over 4.5 inches. Meanwhile, among tablets it’s a race to get smaller – the Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad Mini each clock in at 7 inches or so, a sweet spot of sorts in that burgeoning market.


Mobile Web to overtake PC Web

A significant milestone in the development of the Internet is expected in 2013. According to research by the investment bank Morgan Stanley, the number of mobile devices like smart phones and tablet computers connecting to the Internet will for the first time exceed the number of web-enabled laptops and personal computers. Techies say the rise of the mobile Internet is changing the face of computing.

2013 has just begun and we are very excited for what it will bring. We look forward to continuing to help you and your family keep talking, worry free. 

Now, keep talking!

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