A day doesn’t go by without some new report of dangers lurking around us in the environment.
And so we’ve changed our diets.
We get nervous about air pollution.
We’re getting pretty serious about recycling.
All of this in an effort to improve our environment and by extension, our own health.

So with our increasing dependence on (or frankly, addiction to) our cell phones, tawkon’s founders watched as radiation concerns have moved in an out of the spotlight over last decade. Though people didn’t know quite what to do about it, it seemed reasonable to us to figure out how to reduce the potentially toxic risks of cell phone radiation.

But how? We knew we didn’t want to start a crusade discouraging people from talking because, frankly, no one would listen. We thought long and hard about how to keep people talking, but more safely. We heard of companies focused on new cases and other hardware, but after a lot of testing and tinkering, we discovered that it was simpler than that: Your phone is already equipped with what you need to protect yourself. You just don’t have access to that information.  

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Deep in the guts of a phone’s circuitry, we found that components actually gather radiation-related data. We learned how to gather this information and we built tawkon: our app tracks the contributing factors to rises in radiation and simply suggests you to make a quick change — as you begin a call or while you are in the middle of one. Once you’ve make that change, tawkon confirms that you are once again safe and ready to “talk on”.

In 2010, tawkon released an iPhone app. After being rejected by Apple and personally by Steve Jobs tawkon released a jailbroken iPhone app , as well as a Blackberry app. In 2011, we successfully launched our limited Beta Android app, which is now where the core development focus lies. In April 2012 we launched our native Android App supporting all Android phones.

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The Team

Gil Friedlander

Co-Founder and CEO

As one of the founders of tawkon, Gil Friedlander has been with the company since its inception in 2008. Prior to tawkon, Gil served as VP BD and Indirect Sales with Celtro, a late-stage startup providing mobile backhaul solutions. His varied experience also includes high level sales and marketing positions for various communications companies and Strategic Consulting with Mercer Management Consulting. Gil earned his B.Sc. in Management and Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. 

Amit Lubovsky

Co-Founder and VP, Business
Development and Marketing

Before founding tawkon with Gil and Ori, Amit Lubovsky Worked for the world semiconductor leaders Infineon and Texas-Instruments, his entrepreneurial journey started more then 5 years ago and since then he founded 2 startup companies – Dorfour, a fabless semiconductor company that developed technology for the emerging 4G/LTE cellular market sold to the French chipmaker Sequans and tawkon.

Amit earned his BS from Tel-Aviv University and MBA from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.


Ori Goshen

Co-Founder and VP,
Research and Development

Before founding tawkon with Gil and Amit, Ori served as the mobile team leader at fring, a successful social networking app. Prior to fring, he served as a team leader and project manager in an elite intelligence unit at the Israel Defense Force. He has been coding longer than he’s been able to speak and is fluent in many of the popular programming languages. In 2005, he earned an award of excellence from the Technological Center Chief Executive Officer of the IDF.

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